Boardroom boredom – is YOUR work routine reducing your chance at success?







It’s 6 o’clock. The alarm blares in your ear. Zombified, you crawl out of bed and switch the kettle on, scrolling through unanswered emails as you go. You pull on your usual clothes and off you go to work.

It’s a standard routine and one you could probably do with your eyes closed, if fact I bet some of you do, but is it hampering your success at work?

This Saturday is Break the Monotony day and to celebrate, it’s worth considering if your routine is leaving you stuck in the mud. Most people like to have a level of predictability to their day but according to Psychology Today, going through the same daily routine can become “so comforting that people forget the values and goals behind their actions, leading to less creative ideas and a decrease in motivation”.

Neuroscientist Brenda Patoine explains that our brains are constantly seeking novelty within our day to day life, which leads to becoming distracted if this desire isn’t met. Going through the same routine everyday can easily become monotonous, making a quick peak at social media or online shopping even more appealing, which is why it’s important to give your shake up your day when you can.

Even though routines may seem like you have less decisions to make, they can also stop you from thinking outside the box. Something as simple as playing your favourite songs during your commute can dramatically boost your mood for the day ahead, making you more likely to be motivated and think creatively.

Studies have also shown that taking time out from your day to day schedule can make you revaluate how you approach your work. Sometimes the way we’ve always done something

doesn’t work for us anymore and its good for everyone to take a step back to question if there’s a better way. This kind of evaluative thinking can also translate to success in your career, switching up your day really could have a bigger impact than you think.

Surprisingly, it could even help with your memory! It’s been proven that relying on the same schedule can dull your ability to spot mistakes and by shaking things up, you not only sharpen your senses but actually increase your capacity to retain new information.

So, in the spirit of Break the Monotony Day, why not take a different route to work? Eat lunch outside instead of at your desk? Chat to a new co-worker? The smallest break in your routine could make an enormous difference!

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