Conflict Resolution

Conflict will appear in all organisations. It tends to fall into two main categories: that between individuals and that between departments/groups of people.

It should not be underestimated how small, niggling irritations can seep into the core of your business. When there is conflict amongst individuals at work, the effect can be huge, not just on those directly involved, but others around them too, and unresolved conflict can cost your business heavily.

Why does workplace conflict happen?

Reasons for conflict can be as simple as someone being left off an email circulation list, or someone stealing someone else’s ideas, to serious physical abuse or bullying and harassment. Either way, it’s important that the conflict is dealt with quickly before it escalates.

The effects of conflict can cause increased sickness absence, lack of motivation, decreased productivity, negative attitude, higher turnover, or reluctant retention.

How can I solve workplace conflict?

The sooner you spot a problem the better! As soon as you know there is a problem, contact our team of qualified and experienced, independent, mediators who will help by:

– talking to all parties involved to understand the causes of the conflict;
– reaching a resolution;
– preventing it from happening again; and
– deciding whether any changes need to be made within your business, for example, a change in process or structure.

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