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Administration tasks can be a time consuming, day to day, HR function. They can slow down important employee management tasks and delay the implementation of new HR processes.

And in today's world, HR matters more than ever. Making your business stand out to potential employees as well as retention is an area every business leader understands.

Having an HR team tied up with processing Excel Spreadsheets and other HR administration tasks impacts their time spent on recruitment and retention.


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HR Chatbot

Take away the burden of many repetitive HR admin tasks with a 24-hour chatbot powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Allow employees to self-service many common questions and queries they have. From booking their holiday dates, accessing their employee benefits or even answering queries about your company policies.

A chatbot can even integrate with any existing Employee Management, Pallroll of HR systems to give employees a true full service.

With machine learning and advanced conversational capabilities, an HR Chatbot can solve many issues automatically in only a few seconds. This frees up time for your HR department to focus on more meaningful work to grow your business.

Innovation in HR

Amica HR is committed to driving innovation via new technologies and provide an option to include a 24-hour HR chatbot to your contract. Our instant chatbot support provides faster resolutions, resolving many issues or queries in seconds.

Our secure, 24-hour chatbot service is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and advanced conversational capabilities. You can benefit from instant Amica HR help, with the chatbot solving many issues automatically, freeing you up to focus on more meaningful work.

The chatbot can be tailored and added to your HR contract in a very flexible way. To start, the chatbot can be set up to deal with everyday HR queries such as employee benefits or policies. Alternatively, it can also provide you with personal responses, integrating with any existing Employee Management or Payroll systems.

Here to make your life easier!

Benefit from unlimited Amica HR support with the chatbot being available to you and your team 24-hours a day. It also doesn’t matter where in the world you are, you can still access our friendly HR support with the chatbot working overall global time zones and in multiple languages.

Adding a chatbot can increase employee engagement and ensures that your employees see that you are at the cutting edge of the use of technology within your business. It can also provide an improved employee experience and positive company culture by giving your employees what they need, when they need it.

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