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Enhance your employees experience for better growth

Managing employees can be a full-time task. Having to operate in accordance with UK Employment Law, Regulations and Best Practices, can feel complex.

Outsourcing your HR functions to trained human resource management experts can help free up your time, ensure you're operating in accordance with the law and help improve employee productivity.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to Human Resources, recruitment and employee engagement. That's why at Amica HR we take a truly collaborative and proactive approach to HR.

HR support allows you to get an independent review and oversight on how your human resources operate.

Listening to what you need is the first step we take when you require HR advice. There is nothing more that we love by learning to understand your business. What you need. And generating effective solutions that not only work but are a perfect fit for your business.

Healthier workplaces create happier businesses. And generate long-term successes. Our proactive approach helps put in place HR and recruitment solutions to avoid and pre-empt issues. Meaning you have a pre-planned solution to problems, rather than reacting to them.

Outsourced HR Services

Available on an ad hocretainer or consultancy basis. Take advantage of a range of HR management services:

Auditing and writing HR Documentation

  • Employee handbook
  • HR practices, policies and procedures
  • Contracts of employment

Recruitment Support

  • Job description writing
  • Shortlisting & CV reviewing
  • Pre-enrollment checks

Workplace Conflict Resolution

  • Workplace Investigation
  • Grievance and disciplinary
  • Dismissal and redundancy

Line Management Training

  • Train line managers in Employment Law
  • Management tips & tricks
  • Onsite training workshops & seminars

Employee Management

  • Holiday & sickness recording & payments
  • 24/7 online employee advice centre
  • Appraisal programme design & training

Other HR Solutions

  • Redundancy, Restructuring, TUPE Transfer
  • Performance Management and Appraisal
  • Employment Law advice

Amica HR provides a wide range of outsourcing HR services. If the service you need is not listed above, contact us. One of our HR experts will be able to help.

Fully Flexible HR Consultancy & Outsourcing

Every business has to operate in accordance with UK Employment Law, Regulations and Best Practices. Not only does this ensure that your business is adhering to the legal statutes. But it also enables you to create a healthy workplace that nurtures happy and content employees. They can then thrive and make a real difference to your commercial success.

With Amica HR, you get the security to know that your business is within UK Employment Law, Regulations and Best Practices. You have an expert HR professional who can give you guidance and advice which you can trust.

Already have an HR Department

Outsourcing HR is still an option if you have an in-house HR department. Consultancy businesses can provide independent third-party advice, review existing documentation or even manage everyday tasks like holiday or sickness absences.

Why choose Amica HR?

When dealing with employee issues, you want the best advice and guidance. Not only does this help improve your business processes, but it also helps ensure you are acting within the law.

Amica HR has an extensive range of HR experience in a variety of industries. From commercial to agriculture, manufacturing to family-run businesses.

We take a different approach to HR. Our clients tell us we are different, like no other HR company they have worked with before.

Let us help your business grow.

Businesses that can benefit from Amica HR

Whether you need support to help save time for an internal HR department with routine HR tasks. Or you need advice and guidance on what is legal when writing employment policies and procedures. The benefits that flexible outsourcing of human resources can bring applies to every sector or business type.

Amica HR can support:

  • SMEs
  • Medium to Large businesses
  • Enterprise & multi-site organisations

Meet our team. Contact us.

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