Fully outsourced HR services

Why outsource your HR services?

Human resources outsourcing is a way for small businesses to change the way their business works. By bolstering their expertise without the cost of hiring an additional team member. In other words, by outsourcing your HR function to Amica HR, you can reduce the financial and personnel overheads of employing a dedicated HR specialist.

You also get access to a proactive team of experts with over 50 years of combined HR experience and employment law. Consequently, this is all for less than the cost of a single in house HR employee.

HR outsourcing support gives you the benefit of our broad and varied expertise without the cost. As a result, this allows owners, directors and management to focus on other areas of business.

HR Outsourcing is proven to allow businesses to:

  • Save money
  • Focus on strategy
  • Improve compliance and reduce risk
  • Improve accuracy
  • Take advantage of technical advances, reducing the cost

What can fully outsourced HR include?

Your business can get a wide range of HR support, including:

  • Expert email and telephone support and advice.
  • Dedicated monthly support at your business premises.
  • An HR audit to review your current documentation. As a result, you get a comprehensive report outlining any recommended changes or alterations.
  • The production of revised documents.
  • Regular review and provision of bespoke HR documentation.
  • An HR induction to all new employees, ensuring all relevant information is gathered.
  • Administration of any electronic employee management system, include regular HR reporting (sickness figures, turnover etc).
  • Monthly HR checks for payroll run and regular liaison with our payroll partner.
  • Provision of dedicated recruitment and selection support and guidance including:
    • Defining the role – for example, preparing a job description, person specification and vacancy notice.
    • Undertaking pre-employment checks and managing the onboarding process for new employees.
  • Taking up references and preparing offers of employment and contracts of employment.
  • Undertaking exit interviews and providing feedback to management on any key themes.
  • A skills audit/skills gap analysis.
  • Review and updating of job descriptions.
  • Administration of any current Employee benefit schemes.
  • Support and guidance for appraisal programmes.
  • Exclusive access to our online resource and document library.
  • Access to our business partners who offer health & safety, occupational health, payroll and leadership training.
  • Employment protection covers up to £2m. Therefore, protecting your business financially in the event of any employee disputes.


What type of business can benefit from HR outsourcing?

Every business is different. As a result, there is no "one-size-fits-all" when it comes to providing HR support.

At Amica HR, we are flexible in providing a service that is flexible to your business needs. Regardless of the size of your business or the number of employees you have, outsourcing HR services can provide benefits.

Small and medium businesses can benefit from a fully HR service. This can include anything and everything from employee policies and procedures, to administrating any employee benefit schemes. This can be cheaper than hiring and running your very own HR department.

For larger businesses, Amica HR can provide support and HR advice to internal HR departments. This can include administering daily-to-daily, routine, HR tasks such as managing sickness and absenteeism. As a result, your HR department has more time to focus on long-term goals.


Signing up to HR Outsourcing Services

Amica HR has offices in London and the East Midlands. Therefore, our team of UK based HR experts is on hand to give business owners, and their employees, HR advice and employment law at any time of the day.

Getting started with HR outsourcing is easy. Simply send us a message or call us. From there we will arrange an initial consultation with you.

As a result of this consultation, we'll find out what type of outsourcing services will best suit your business needs. After that, we'll put together a proposal based on your needs.

Get in touch today to find out more about our fully outsourced service.

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