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Our Story

At Amica HR, we are serious about employment law and passionate about Human Resources with amazing service forming the base of our HR story and brand promise. Since our formation in 2012 as B&G HR, our company has changed and evolved. We have worked for large blue chip organisations such as AMEC Foster Wheeler, EDF Energy, NHS, National Coal Board and Experian. This experience was invaluable and has enabled us to share our knowledge with clients of all sizes.

In 2017, we re-branded as Amica HR, and although our brand name changed, our core values remain untouched. The overarching principles that guide our approach are based on integrity, collaboration, empowerment, responsibility and respect. We still go the extra mile with our commitment and willingness to deliver a truly positive experience for our business clients.

We will give you confidence that your Company is operating in accordance with Employment Law and regulations, enabling you to minimise the risk to your business and build a healthy workplace with happy employees. We commit to providing a quality HR service that brings benefits to business, leads to greater profits and reduces employment risks.

Within our culture are the highest standards of a HR service, flexibility and commitment and a welcoming and friendly approach in dealing with clients. Our clients and business partners are at the heart of our philosophy, being the components of our core values and drivers of our future plans, contributing to mutual success.

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Our service is fundamentally based on the highest standards of Human Resource Management, effective communication, trust and a friendly approach. As part of our HR story and brand promise, we’ll take the time to get to know your business first by listening and talking to you, or visiting you on-site in order to get a full understanding of your needs.

You can be confident that your company is operating in accordance with Employment Law and regulations, enabling you to minimise the risk to your business and creating a healthy workplace with happy employees.

We can be your local HR Department regardless of your location; whether you are a small, medium or large sized business; a retained client or a customer who needs a simple HR advice over the phone. To us, every single client is equally important. These brand pillars help bring our promise to life. They help us to provide experience that supports you in doing what you love best, without having to worry about employment law changes. It’s little things that make the difference.

In the end, it’s all about your successful business story.


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Here to listen to your HR needs

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