‘Ghosting’ should be kept to Halloween – not to your recruitment practices

The scary reality for employers is that ghosting is not exclusive to spooky season, it’s a year-round occurrence.  Here are our tips on how to avoid this trend.

To explain for anyone who has been fortunate enough to not experience this, ‘ghosting’ is whereby a candidate you have been liaising with, or perhaps even interviewed, suddenly vanishes and becomes impossible to contact.  The more sinister cases involve hiring a new employee and them not showing up to their first day of work, after accepting the job offer.

At Amica HR, we like to believe that we can help businesses to avoid this happening by following these three steps:

  1. Your job advert is not standing out

Often when people start looking for a new job, they apply to so many in a similar industry that it becomes a challenge to discern one business from another.  Your job advert, which is obviously of great importance to you, becomes lost on a webpage full of possible opportunities.

To defend yourself from this happening, we suggest presenting your company as one where your employees thrive and develop.  If candidates are viewing your job adverts or website and are not feeling like they could see themselves there long-term, you may be indirectly putting yourself at risk of being ghosted.

At Amica HR we can offer pointers on how to best showcase your business, ensuring your job adverts become immersive and part of a bigger picture where potential candidates can envisage themselves being a part of the team by the time they click off your advert.  We can also help support your employee’s development, as an organisation where your current employees thrive is going to be far easier to showcase and attract the best talent you need to grow.

  1. Your onboarding process lacks a human touch

In a modern-day society full of recruiters and job websites that automatically filter any candidates that do not meet essential criteria, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the human being on the other side of the 76th application that just landed in your inbox.  It can feel like an endless cycle of juggling communication with managers, candidates and recruiters.

Amica HR offer to take all the stress out of your recruitment process and can provide that human touch both you and your candidates want.

  1. Your job descriptions need a re-vamp

Sometimes job titles are highly subjective based on industry, and job descriptions can be incredibly helpful for potential candidates get an insight into what they can expect to be engaged in if they are successful.  Keep your ghosting rate low by giving potential candidates an in-depth preview of not only what their responsibilities will be, but also what working for your organisation can be like for them.

If you need help writing a memorable job description, contact us and we can help put you on the right track to avoid wasting unnecessary time on candidates that will ghost you further down the line.

Want some more information?  Call us on 01522 370 190 to speak to one of our team on how we can help you avoid those pesky ghosts this spooky season.  Happy Halloween!

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