Maternity Legislation Could Be Changing: What You Need To Know

In the run up to leaving the EU, Teresa May is backing proposed changes to employment law to strengthen the protection of new mothers in the workplace, saying "People in this country already benefit from some of the most rigorous workplace standards in the world, including parental leave and pay entitlements, but we are determined to do even more as we leave the EU”.

New mothers are currently protected for the duration of their maternity leave, but the new legislation proposes extending the protection for six months after their return to work.

Currently, one in five mothers report being treated unfairly after their return to work, including failing to gain a promotion, being made redundant, facing a salary reduction or being demoted.

The Prime Minister’s proposal could see new mothers protected from this treatment, specifically being selected for redundancy, for six months.

It will also strengthen the protection surrounding adoption and shared parental leave.

Though the proposal has not yet been approved, now could be the time to take a second look at your family friendly and equal opportunities policies to ensure it meets the required standards in preparation for the potential changes.

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