Smart Route to Recruit or Promote

Savvy companies, who are targeting growth during 2020, are taking a fresh look at their recruitment methods.

And at Amica HR, we are seeing a rising trend towards more employers taking the Assessment Centres route to finding the best staff and also maximising the best talent within their companies.

Busy directors, who are often faced with hundreds of applications for a vacancy or looking to promote someone internally to a highly specialised post, are finding that handing the job over to a qualified professional can save them time and hassle.

It’s all about ensuring your latest recruit is someone who can “hit the ground running” or that you select the right “rising star” for promotion, a leadership role or important new project.

Firms managing high growth or fast expansion, which may also have branches at home and overseas, are finding this form of candidate assessment is really useful. Selections can also be convened within a company’s head or branch office or in a “neutral venue”, such as an hotel.

Depending on the individual company and the type of staff they are looking for, Amica HR often finds that the use of Assessment Centres, leads on to them being asked to take things a step further and devise a development programme for several employees.

Amica HR is also able to facilitate this by calling on the expertise of its own professional business coach.

According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD), on average one-third of companies use assessment centres to select a new employee from a pool of candidates.

They are seen as one of the most reliable methods of assessing candidate employees, compared with interviews or other methods.

Used alone, these may be as low as 15 per cent accurate – but when scores from several different selection exercises are combined, accuracy levels can rise to more than 60 per cent.

The costs associated with the use of assessment centres are usually generally lower that those which involve a firm going through several phases of recruitment.



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