Work Experience Can Benefit Both Parties: Here’s why.

Work experience can help both the new generation of workers and also the employer, but why should you consider using work experience placements?

Ian Carr, a CEO from Ipswich based Law firm Prettys, has argued that business can do more to help benefit and maximise experience for the new generation of workers.

“At Prettys we understand how important work experience can be in supporting the future of the work force, however, we do limit the number of places we offer as we want to ensure the experience is a really valuable one which works for both parties.”

Work experience can offer the new generation of workers and recent graduates valuable experiences, which they can develop new work and social skills, that wouldn’t be possible without business offering these placements.

However, some businesses are still hesitant on offering work experience placements due to the high employee expectations. Ian’s colleague, Matthew Cole, stated that “Work experience has become a vexed issue over the past few years, with the increase in unpaid internships and trial shifts.”

Here at Amica HR, we fully support the idea of work experience placements, as they provide us with the opportunity to find workers from the new generation and recent graduates who are enthusiastic to learn about the company. We have recently employed Thomas, who is our new Marketing Assistant, who which started on as work experience, please follow the link to see his journey as he joined the team at Amica HR.

If you ever hesitant on how you would start introducing work experience within your company, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01522 370190 or email us at


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