The Rise of Skills Based Recruitment


In a dynamic and ever-evolving job market, organisations are re-evaluating traditional hiring practices to unlock untapped talent potential. The recent surge in experience or skills based recruitment, where degrees take a backseat, is reshaping the recruitment landscape.


The Shift Away from Degree Requirements

Traditionally, degrees have been seen as a key qualification for job applicants, often serving as a measure of a candidate's knowledge and commitment. However, this mindset is gradually shifting, employers recognise that degrees do not always guarantee the necessary skills or commercial expertise.

As a result, companies are increasingly open to considering alternative paths to success, such as vocational training, certifications, and hands-on experience.


At Amica HR, we can help you adapt to this shift, embrace change, and build agile, diverse, and resilient teams:

  • Recruitment Strategy Development: Our experienced HR professionals can work with you to develop recruitment strategies that prioritise skills and competencies over traditional degree requirements. We can help you identify the key skills needed for each role and design effective assessment methods to evaluate candidates accurately. Emphasising skills and competencies instead of degrees can allow you to tap into a broader pool of candidates from different backgrounds and experiences. This not only brings a range of perspectives but also helps create an environment where individuals with unique skill sets thrive.


  • Competency-Based Interviews: We specialise in conducting competency-based interviews that focus on the skills and experiences relevant to your specific job roles. Our HR experts will help you create structured interview questions that assess candidates' abilities to perform key job tasks, providing you with valuable insights into their potential for success, not just their academic achievements.


  • Skills Testing and Practical Simulations: To ensure a thorough evaluation of candidates' skills, we can assist you in implementing skills tests and practical simulations as part of your recruitment process. These assessments provide a hands-on approach to measure candidates' abilities, giving you a better understanding of their capabilities in real-world scenarios.


  • Up-skilling and Development Programs: We believe in the importance of continuous learning and development. Our HR consultants can help you establish comprehensive up-skilling programs to enhance the competencies of your current employees. Providing opportunities for employees to acquire new competencies not only enhances job satisfaction, but also ensures that you can build a skilled and adaptable workforce that meets the evolving demands of your industry.


  • Employer Branding: To attract top talent, it's crucial to communicate your organisation's commitment to skills-based hiring. Our team can assist you in refining your employer branding strategy to effectively convey this message. We'll help you craft compelling job descriptions that highlight the skills and competencies desired, making sure that you stand out to candidates who value their abilities beyond degrees.


The rise of skills-based hiring signifies a departure from traditional degree-centric practices, highlighting the importance of competencies and practical skills in the workplace.

At Amica HR, we're here to guide you through the transition to skills-based hiring. Contact us for a free 30 minute consultation to see how your business can embrace change and focus on what candidates can bring to the table beyond their degrees.



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